About Us

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
-Walt Disney.

Forlify is here to assist you with it.
We know that being a foreigner is very difficult for lots of us and establishing a life in a new place is a serious challenge. Most of our team passed this way, improving their lives, so we know what we are talking about.

New lawyers, new workers, plumbers, finding a school or a hospital, or hesitations about a new accountant, we all did this.

It’s good if you have friends or relatives, who can help with everything, but there are other situations where you must sort out everything on your own; that’s where FORLIFY comes into your life.

Forlify is a proptech company that aims to make any property purchase a little more than just a “bricks” purchase; buying a “dream” as many commercials say, doesn’t always mean it will become real.
Home isn’t just walls. It’s a good neighborhood, a safe area, professional workers who service your property, assistance in choosing a school, and any of the other hundreds of questions that appear after relocation. Not counting the willingness of everyone to make the right investment in the house, so it doesn’t lose in value as soon as the agent closes the deal because it had any hidden questions.

We help with all these questions, advise you where to go, with whom we had a good experience in any kind of job, how to open an account, how to transfer money, which school is better or which places are worth visiting in Cyprus.

Forlify isn’t a real estate agency, but we are deeply in the market of real estate. We know where and when to buy when it’s reasonable to negotiate, or when it’s time to pay immediately to get the perfect deal. We analyze the market using the latest AI tools, market reports, and sales data. Still, we’re not selling this, and our goal is to make the market and information evenly accessible for everyone, either its big investment company making relocation or people like us who want our own “small castle”.

Working in the real estate market, you meet people who are happy with one agent or developer, and for them, Cyprus is heaven. And others had different experiences, issues with paperwork or bad neighborhood, and poor construction quality, so Cyprus for them is ruined.
We’re deeply in love with this island, so we decided that choosing a house shouldn’t be a matter of luck, the process must be optimized.

Forlify is in touch with all developers on the island, we know most agencies and private agents, and we work with banks who have property portfolios to check all offers.
We choose the best of them and give them to you on our website.

After you choose anything on FORLIFY, we decide which representative or agency should take you for viewing and control the purchase process from our side. Cyprus is our starting point, so each customer is like a family member to us, with whom we pass all the relocation process together, answering any question and finding solutions to any case.

We are proudly committed to building a more even and open real estate market in Cyprus.

From dream to real.